“We are a solutions focused business , striving to solve YOUR property problem, whether that is buying your property OR renting it out on a long- term basis OR simply providing you with  other options that you may not know about.”

So why choose us:


  • We look at your problem/dilemma first and property itself comes after;
  • Whether you wish to sell, rent or hold onto your property, we closely look at what solution(s) we could offer to you, and they’re many…..
  • Its an absolute free service to you, and we can call you when its convenient for you;
  • If you wish to sell your property, you decide when to complete;
  • Are you worried your property is worth less? We can most certainly help.



We will make it very simple process to sell your home with us. Please see below the four easy steps to complete the process.


Leave your detail with us.

Once you have left your details with us, a member of our experienced team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to provide some options for you to consider. You can contact us by :

  • Our online contact us form;
  • Email us at info@allpropertysolutions.co.uk;
  • Call us on either 07813601739 or 07960962816.

A member of our team will get more information from you to provide the current market value of your property. We will then provide to you options based on:

  • Your personal situation and circumstance(s);
  • Comparable property prices in your location;
  • The current state of your property.

Our offer could either be to agree an appropriate sales price or we could go down a different route whereby we could delay the sale to meet your requirements.

Our offer would be valid for 28 days

The decision to proceed is yours, no obligation whatsoever.

Property and problem solved.


All Property Solutions is a solutions focused business , striving to solve YOUR property problem, whether that is buying your property OR renting it out on a long- term basis OR simply providing you with other options that you may not know about.

Over the past 10 years I have developed a profitable (UK wide and International) Real estate portfolio with Suresh and in the process have helped many others in understanding how different markets work and best strategies to employ in such markets. I have a true passion for solving people’s dilemmas, and have many years of experience of doing this as a Pharmacist. – Denil Ruparelia



Being a portfolio landlord comes with challenges and the experience I have gathered over the last 10 years equips me to provide varied solutions to property related problems including tenant issues, void periods and other unforeseen issues. I have developed many contacts in the UK and worldwide and I can assist you wherever you are. I am also a pharmacist by profession. – Suresh Hirani


Fill in your details below and one of our team will get back in touch with you to arrange a free valuation.

All Property Solutions

Web Address: www.allpropertysolutions.co.uk

Email: info@allpropertysolutions.co.uk

Phone: +44 7813601739 (Denil Ruparelia)

+44 7960962816 (Suresh Hirani)


This really depends on how quickly you want to sell your house and your personal situation and urgency. We can discuss various options and you can decide the one that best suits you.

We have cash buyers ready to invest in your property.

Absolutely free and the door is always open should you wish not to proceed with any option(s) we provide after our free consultation.

That’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on location, condition etc.…. but from our extensive research we will be honest and upfront with you and then provide alternative options that could work for you.

Don’t worry….. for some properties we can even manage your property for a length of time that allows the market to recover and also potentially have a buyer in place, so you don’t lose out on price and have a steady income from the property.